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Mind-Body Therapies

  • Somatic Experiencing

  • Reiki

  • Creative Energy Psychology

  • Workshops & Courses

Welcome to A L I V E 

Never has there been a more important time to feel alive. This means taking

ownership over one’s own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. 


Here at Alive we offer therapies and coaching which can be delivered online

or in person from several locations in Bristol across Clifton and Redland. 


We also provide courses and workshops in self-empowerment, healing, and

emotional wellbeing. We draw on the extensive and constantly evolving science

behind mind-body medicine which forms the foundation of our offerings. 


Our intention is to help as many people as possible to thrive.

About Hebe

Hebe is a therapist, facilitator and speaker based in Bristol. She runs a private

therapy practice, offering Somatic Experiencing and Creative Energy Psychology. 


Alongside her 1:1 practice, it’s Hebe’s desire to bring wellbeing to the workplace in

a way that’s sustainable and more than just a token gesture. She runs the wellbeing

department for Origin Workspace, delivering workshops in emotional wellbeing,

embodied living, mindfulness and yoga. She also co-runs yoga and wellness retreats.


Hebe has received qualifications from SOS Internationale, EFTMR Academy,

Insight Yoga Institution, Zenways, Mindfulness Association and Mindfulness Now.

She has also completed counselling and psychotherapy trainings with The Karuna

Institute and The Sweet Track Centre.


​Hebe originally trained and worked as an actor and rather ‘fell into’ teaching yoga

which then prompted eight years of studying therapy and coaching. This has given

her a comprehensive understanding of the mind-body energy systems and how they

cooperate. Her performance and teaching experience also influences her workshops

which are upbeat, dynamic, and educational.

About Claire

Claire is a healer and artist, combining both these skills in the therapies she offers.

She is a Reiki Master (teacher practitioner level), Mindfulness teacher, and

Creative Energy Psychologist.  She has received training in Yoga, Reiki,  Mindfulness,

Art Therapy, Counselling, Matrix Reimprinting, EFT, and Adult Education. However,

she believes that her best qualification is her own healing experience.


From an early age she developed a deep interest in healing which was further fuelled

by a chronic illness in her twenties. As conventional medicine could not provide the

answers to her healing, she set out on a mission to cure herself.  This has meant a life

dedicated to learning about a subject she loves. Ten years after its diagnosis Claire left

her illness behind. 


Once she understood her own healing, her task was to translate this into a simple

language for others to understand. So, for the next fifteen years, she studied the science

behind healing - investigating as many modalities as she could and now uses this to help

others find their path to thriving.​

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