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A Wellbeing Collective

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Welcome to A L I V E 

Never has there been a more important time to feel alive. This means taking ownership over one’s

own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Here at Alive we offer carefully constructed courses and workshops in self-empowerment, both from our studio in Bristol, and for businesses and universities. We also provide therapies and coaching which can be delivered online or in person.


Our intention is to teach as many people as possible how to thrive and to create a culture whereby health and success are equally valued. We draw on the extensive and constantly evolving science behind mind-body medicine which forms the foundation of our teachings.

Community and mutual support is at the heart of what we do. We have a growing team of facilitators and practitioners and are always looking for new ways to collaborate and bring people together.


Meet the Founders



Hebe is a therapist, facilitator and speaker based in Bristol. She runs a private therapy practice and

offers Somatic Experiencing, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting.


Hebe manages ALIVE and co-creates workshops and courses with co-founder, Claire Dickins; for

office workers, students, and the general public. She also runs the wellbeing department for Origin Workspace, delivering workshops in emotional intelligence, embodied leadership, mindfulness and yoga. Every year she also co-runs a yoga and wellness retreat and offers a free weekly ‘vibe workout’ online.


Hebe has received qualifications from SOS Internationale, EFTMR Academy, Insight Yoga Institution, Zenways, Mindfulness Association and Mindfulness Now. She has also completed counselling and psychotherapy trainings with The Karuna Institute and The Sweet Track Centre.


​Having originally trained and worked as an actor, she has always had an interest in the human psyche and in presenting on stage. To subsidise her acting, Hebe became a yoga teacher which then prompted eight years of studying therapy and coaching. This has given her a comprehensive understanding of the mind-body energy systems and how they cooperate. It’s now Hebe’s desire to bring wellbeing into the workplace and general public in a way that’s sustainable and more than just a token gesture.


Hebe’s speciality is the mind-body connection and emotional wellbeing. She delivers practical workshops in mindfulness, somatic intelligence, energy-psychology and emotional resilience.

Her aim is to empower people to identify and transform programmes and behaviours that hold

them back. Hebe’s workshops are upbeat, educational, and relevant.



Claire is a therapist and professional artist (Minter-Kemp). She is an Energy Healer, Reiki Master, Mindfulness teacher, and Energy Psychologist. However, she believes that her best qualification

is her own healing experience.


From an early age she developed a deep interest in healing which was further fuelled by a chronic

illness in her twenties. As conventional medicine could not provide the answers, she set out on a

mission to cure herself. Her determination not to broadcast her illness, for fear of being marginalized, meant this was not an easy path. It was often lonely and full of trial and error. But, in its favour, this as meant a life dedicated to learning about a subject she loves. Ten years after its diagnosis Claire left her illness behind. 


Once she understood her own healing, her task was to translate this into a simple language for others

to understand. So, for the next fifteen years, she studied the science behind healing - investigating as many modalities as she could and now uses this to help others find their path to thriving.

Through meditation and Reiki, Claire has learned it is possible to alter the state of an environment. This is subtle work, but no less tangible for others to feel. She now uses this to hold an energetic space that will encourage an atmosphere of healing and transformation.