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Mind-Body Therapies

  • Somatic Experiencing

  • Creative Energy Psychology

  • Body-Oriented Trauma Healing

  • Workshops & Courses

  • Authentic Dating Events

About Hebe

Hebe is a therapist, workshop facilitator and coach based in Devon. She runs a private therapy

practice, offering Somatic Experiencing and Creative Energy Psychology. Her primary focus is in

helping people navigate the mind-body connection and its role within the healing of trauma.

As well as this, she works with chronic illness, extreme dysregulation, phobias, mental/emotional difficulties, sexual and relationship issues, all through an embodied lens. This means that the body

and energy systems are brought into the healing process in a way that most traditional talking

therapies tend to negate.


She also coaches and facilitates programmes, internationally, with the Leadership Development Consultancy, Olivier Mythodrama. This work employs Jungian Archetypal Psychology and mythic storytelling as means of exploring leadership, as well as embodied coaching models such as

Systemic Constellations among others. 

Her latest venture has taken her into the world of in-person dating events, inspired by some

recent training in Authentic Relating with ART International and as a response to an increasingly

online world. Hebe is passionate about helping people to connect and finds relationship to be the

mostpotent container for growth and healing. To support this work, she's currently undertaking a training with Embodied Relationship and Intimacy Coaching with The Embody Lab.

Hebe originally trained and worked as an actor, and it was training as a yoga teacher set

her off on a ten-year+ path of studying therapy, healing and coaching. Over the years she

has taught yoga, mindfulness and educational workshops to businesses; has co-run yoga and

wellness retreats; and co-founded a creative collective that aimed to deliver a variety of events

based around 'healing & creativity' to the public. Her amalgamated background has given her a comprehensive understanding of the mind-body energy systems and how they cooperate.

Her performance and teaching experience also influences her workshops

which are upbeat, dynamic, and educational.


Hebe has received qualifications from SOS Internationale, EFTMR

Academy, Insight Yoga Institution, Zenways, Mindfulness Association

and Mindfulness Now.

She has studied Kirtan and sacred voicework with Nikki Slade and

has completed her advanced Theta Healing Practitioner training.

She has also completed counselling and psychotherapy trainings

with The Karuna Institute, and The Sweet Track Centre.


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