Reclaim Yourself:
An Art Journaling Workshop

Reclaim who you truly are before you were told who and what to be using Art Journaling.


Art Journaling is a way to help you process your thoughts, ideas, stories, meditations and dreams. It is also a place to brain dump, a place to remember things that you have read, heard or seen and can remind you of things you have learnt by using art, words, drawings, photos and collage. It’s a safe place to let go of any limitations and unveils the blockages that we have learnt along the way, we are all creative, we just have to believe it.

Learning some techniques of Art Journaling in a group can create deep connections with yourself and others and people find that being able to express themselves in this way helps shift the blocks and stories that can hold us back from our unique creativity, which we all have inside of us. 

This workshop will combine self discovery and art to connect you with your inner voice. It will be a safe space for you to open up and delve into your authentic self and express it creatively, so you feel heard and empowered.


Equipment and materials will be provided. 

About the facilitator
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Amy Shiner

Amy is a professional artist and was first introduced to the concept of teaching Art as a Therapy after the death of her father, when she attended a Mindful Journaling course. The course enabled her to navigate through the grieving process, opening her eyes to how art can be used in a therapeutic way, and helped clear the creative blockages she was feeling. This experience inspired her to pursue this further, not only for herself but to help others explore the healing creativity within themselves too.

Whilst studying Art as a Therapy, Amy has had an opportunity to explore

and develop the therapeutic benefits of image making, self-reflection

and the importance of journal keeping, which she has found invaluable,

by experimenting with different materials she has learnt first-hand how the

power of image can help us gain insight into our own creative process and life.

Amy is currently attending a Creative Arts Therapy Studies Foundation Degree where she is learning skills and therapeutic approaches to support individuals to become more expressive and communicative using art, drama, music, movement and creative writing. Her info can be found at

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