Courses and Workshops

Introductory Workshop:

The Healing Power Of Art Journaling

By becoming creative we heal ourselves; by healing ourselves we discover our creativity.  In this workshop we use a powerful combination of mind-body tools and Art Journaling to open the way for real and exciting life-transformation. While Art Journaling is an enjoyable and creative way to explore our feelings and unveil our blocks, the mind-body tools give us practical methods to move beyond these blocks and embrace our dreams. This potent combination of modalities can literally rewire our neurological and physiological patterning for greater health and happiness. 

Equipment and materials are provided.

Workshop dates are regularly updated so please do revisit the website.

Price: £53

2021 Dates

Sunday 1st Aug

Monday 2nd Aug

   Monday 16th Aug

Monday 23rd Aug

Saturday 25th Sept

Saturday 2nd Oct
N.B. please note these are
separate workshops​ 

Six - Week Course:

Details will be posted soon.

Price: £190

2021 Dates

Week One - Mon 6th Sept
Week Two - Mon 13th Sept
Week Three - Mon 20th Sept
Week Four - Mon 27th Sept
Week Five - Mon 4th Oct
Week Six - Mon 11th Oct

Mindfulness Drop-In Classes

What is Mindfulness With Heart?


We are offering a combination of mindfulness and the science of heart-coherence. Mindfulness is now well-established as an effective tool for enhancing and sustaining health and reducing stress. It is now firmly embedded in the mainstream wellness culture both in allopathic and alternative healthcare and used widely in corporate, service, and educational institutions.


As mindfulness has been gaining popularity, research around the energetic power of the heart has been growing exponentially. This research has been pioneered by the HeartMath Institute (USA) and is now spreading worldwide. This is a huge leap forward in bridging the gap between spirituality and science and is therefore a natural growth area for Mindfulness, deepening the practise in an extraordinary way.


Although energetic courses can work online, we have found that working in a physical group is far more effective in building a strong foundation for personal practise.

How to Book

Once course dates are confirmed, they are posted on the website. To save your spot and to be kept up to date about upcoming courses, please get in touch via the contact form or send an email to Claire and Hebe. 



Alternatively, you can book via the link below. This is only available for the one-day workshop - something we offer through the local events company, Yuup.



Week 1 - Intention

Love in Action

Week 2 - Compassion

Embracing our Wounds

Week 3 - Unconditional Love

Acceptance and Gratitude

Week 4 - Stillness

The Art of Surrender and

Gateway to Wisdom


One two-hour session per week

(18:00-20:00 on consecutive Mondays)

Price - £80*


All Courses are In - Person


*Concessions available - please enquire