EFT, Matrix Reimprinting &
Energy Psychology

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Work With Hebe

Hebe is an energy psychologist and uses a mind-body approach, combining  Somatic Experiencing, EFT , Matrix Reimprinting and other energetic methods. She works intuitively

nd collaboratively with the client to develop a system of healing that works for them, meaning her methods can look quite different depending on the client. 

These approaches work directly with the energy body, the nervous system, the subconscious mind and the creative mind; to alleviate symptoms of trauma, dissolve unhelpful programming and to rewrite your life-script. 

This is somewhere between coaching and therapy and encourages the client to recognise

their own power when it comes to healing and creating. It a process of three parts:

  1. Finding the root of the issue - building awareness. 

  2. Rewriting limiting beliefs and stories.

  3. Imprinting a new way of being and integrating mentally, emotionally, physically and energetically.

Hebe invites people to look at their lives and ask where there could be more freedom,

flow and love? She can work with a specific area of your life, such as relationships or career; emotional issues and illnesses; or it can be more of a general exploration that will, through

the process of the work, lead to something more specific. She works with people who are

ready to start where they are; to choose authenticity and radical self-love. 

As well as her chosen modalities, Hebe also draws on the teachings of Dr Joe Dispenza, Abraham Hicks, Marianne Williamson and Deepak Chopra as some of her major influences. 



£80 for one-off session (90 mins)

£65 per session if bought in a block of 3+ 


How to Book

Email hebedickins@outlook.com to arrange an appointment.

Will we click? This is a co-creation, so before signing up, you are welcome to book a free

30-minute chemistry call.


"My main reason for reaching out to Hebe was for help with procrastination, gaining                      clarity and finding my voice since being newly self employed. Over the 6 weeks we                          worked together each session dug deeper into where these issues may be stemming                    from and how fear and frustration are showing up in my body and life. Each week                        naturally flowed towards a different focus and with Hebe's gentle guidance and                              radiating compassion, every session felt deeply healing. This work has gifted me so much clarity, it feels as if I've been able to imprint the future visions for myself deep within me and I have no doubt they are now attainable. Hebe does this in a way that is gentle and subtle, giving you space to feel and be guided by what is needed in each moment. I am so grateful for this experience and for Hebe's care, support and compassion. I couldn't recommend her enough." - Lara

What is Energy Psychology? 

The premise of Energy Psychology originates from the quantum belief that, first and foremost, we are energetic beings. We are essentially made of one energy - from the atoms that make up our physical body, to the thoughts and emotions that determine the health of those atoms. Once we appreciate this fact it opens a whole new understanding of how we can allow healing to happen. EFT and Matrix Reimprinting are modalities of Energy Psychology.

​What is EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique?

As the name suggests this is a therapy that helps release redundant beliefs and stuck emotions. Stuck emotions are simply stuck energy. The very nature of energy is that it

needs to keep moving. If it is blocked from movement, it causes physical tension, pain,

and eventually illness. The ability to heal comes from an ability to release emotions.

EFT is remarkably efficient at releasing these blocks. This is achieved by gentle tapping on Meridian hot spots while focusing on a problem. This brings balance back into the energy and nervous system whilst rewiring neurological pathways. The result is often startling with rapid relief from symptoms leading to a total elimination of the original problem.  Although there can be layers to these blocks, it is possible for them to be cleared within just one or two sessions. 

As EFT founder, Gary Craig says: ‘This is not a mythical ride on a magic carpet that ends in illusion. It is a real ride destined to give you real results, just as it already has for millions of people. You will, indeed, develop the ability to discard your fears, phobias, traumatic

memories, anger, guilt, grief, and all other limiting emotions. And it won’t take years

and years of painstakingly slow and financially draining sessions either. Often, even the

most severe negative emotions vanish in minutes.’

What is Matrix Reimprinting?

Once these blocks have been cleared from our systems, they can be reprogrammed with

new belief systems that will enhance our wellbeing and help the body continue to heal.

Matrix reimprinting is the perfect tool for this task. It is a follow-on from EFT and serves to rewrite memories and future projections. Because the subconscious mind does not know

the difference between real and imagined events, we can harness this phenomena by restructuring neural pathways to create a new concrete reality.

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