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Work With Laura

My mission and passion is supporting busy women to restore their gut health naturally,
improve mental wellbeing and live their most energised and nourished life, by combining
Health Coaching, Nutrition & Cookery.

“I want things to change, but I don’t know where or how to start!?”

Does this sound familiar? This is where I can help.

I show you how to consistently cook healthier choices, find simple ways to elevate your
mood and get moving in fun ways to feel great in your body…just to name a few!

Through my personalised 1:1 services, a single session called Lunch with Laura and my
personalised 3 month 1:1 Coaching Programme Your Healthy Gut Reset, I guide, support
and empower you to make powerfully positive differences in your life, all the while you have
the choice and control over the way you want your programme to go. They enable you to
identify and reach specific health needs and goals that matter to you, as well as integrate
sustainable, powerful and positive step-by-step shifts to create long lasting results.

My work involves personalised conversational health and nutrition coaching sessions plus
hands-on cooking classes, for the best results. Knowledge isn’t enough to create long term
behaviour, so you’ll find my sessions filled with powerful questions, goal setting, habit

tracking and much more, to help you discover your motivation for change and get you feeling
energised, less stressed, balanced, healthy, happy and more like YOU again!

I plan to be your support, accountability buddy and that friendly voice who keeps you on
track, and shows you the way to becoming the healthiest, happiest and most well nourished
version of you!

Are you curious about how I can support you? Let’s talk!

How To Book

"Before Laura's programme I was plagued with IBS-C nearly every day, and was both terrified to eat and then binge eating as I let myself get so hungry. I can now say with confidence I am now IBS-C free! Laura brings real-life experience, years of training across multiple fields and tried and tested methods to her programmes. All the while making sessions incredibly fun, uplifting and reigniting motivation in every conversation. She is incredibly warm, knowledgable and a natural teacher - she's as enthusiastic about your health goals as she is about her own."

What is Health & Nutrition Coaching?

A Health & Nutrition Coach is a whole-health professional and expert in behaviour change,
partnering with clients who want to make sustainable health, diet and lifestyle changes to
improve their whole-health and wellness. For the best results, Laura combines conversational health and nutrition coaching, creative exercises and hands-on cookery, with
a food as medicine approach.

They empower you to take control of your own health, in your own time, on your own terms.
But most importantly, it means you won’t go on your health journey alone.

In a world that makes good health difficult to achieve and unnecessarily complicated, health
and nutrition coaching removes overwhelm and provides a personalised route back to
sustainable health. It helps you to become an expert in your own health, take control and
find the simplest ways to get back on track!

Instead of a one-size fits all approach to healthcare, I listen intently, guide and motivate you,
as well as provide on-going support and accountability, to help you improve your health and
happiness ON and OFF the plate. 

I practice a holistic and client-centered approach which means alongside nutrition, I coach
around 12 aspects of your lifestyle. We see how areas of your life are connected, like your
relationships, career, physical movement, stress and sleep, whilst digging deep to discover
your root causes, to nourish your life fully off the plate.

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