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Positive Sleep 1-1 Coaching: A series of Five sessions

This is an intensive and bespoke programme designed for those who are 100%committed to fixing their sleep issues. After an initial consultation to understand the client’s individual sleep challenges, a series of options are discussed, and actions agreed. Then for each subsequent session, we review the efficacy of the actions already carried out. The result is that a bespoke, layered and sustainable approach to ‘Positive Sleep’ is developed at the client’s pace and in keeping with their lifestyle. 

Typically, these 1-1 sessions last 45-60 minutes depending on client need and take place every three weeks.


£99/session paid in advance or £400 for a series of five sessions. 

The series price includes a copy of my book ‘Positive Sleep’ (£9.99 RRP)

& a sleep care pack worth £30.


How to Book

Email giles.watkins@insead.edu to arrange an appointment.

About Giles Watkins

During his corporate career (30 years of global business and general management experience), Giles suffered from chronic insomnia, and this inspired him to study sleep as part of an Executive Masters in Coaching & Consulting for Change at INSEAD in Singapore. The resulting thesis morphed into the book, Positive Sleep: A Holistic Approach to Resolve Sleep Issues and Transform Your Life (LID Publishing, 2019).

Giles is now a sought-after speaker, coach and consultant to individuals and organisations seeking to enjoy the remarkable yet attainable benefits of improved sleep. Recent corporate clients include Santander UK, Infineum, Ooni and Google Singapore. Giles has also featured in Psychreg Journal, Employer News and Elite Business Magazine among others, McKinsey & Company’s Organisational Development articles, plus numerous podcasts. He is also an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD Magazine.

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