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Work With Claire

Claire uses Reiki, Art, Energy Psychology and Mindfulness to help people heal both physically and emotionally. Her particular area of interest lies in helping those with chronic illness. With a deep and ever-growing understanding of how to heal through her own experience and learned skills, Claire intrinsically understands the mechanics and possible pitfalls of healing. These therapies offer techniques that can be taken and used by clients beyond the therapy room.

A sense of autonomy and self-empowerment is key to the self-healing process.



Reiki (in-person only)

£55 for one-off session (60mins)

£50 per session if bought as a block of 3+ 


Creative Energy Psychology (in-person or online)

£80 for one-off session (90 mins)
£65 per session  for a block of 3+

Some concessions available & donation reiki afternoons - please enquire


How to Book

Email to arrange an appointment.

"Claire has been absolutely amazing in supporting me through my eating disorder recovery, I wouldn’t have been such a strong and liberated individual if it wasn’t for her. Claire has a genuine, warm and kind approach to her practice, and though listening and understanding was really able to help me get to the root of my eating disorder. Compared to other therapies that have led me to talking in circles and over complicating things, Claire gave me the opportunity to strip it back and really make me realise what is important in life. I am truly so grateful for her support and would recommend her to anyone that wants to be freed from whatever may be holding them back from being their true selves."

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient form of hands-on, channelled healing, where Life Force energy enters

the client via the practitioner. It is gentle and non-intrusive (the client remains clothed) and works on all levels of the physical and emotional body. It rebalances only the parts that need

it, releasing blocks in the process whilst bringing a sense of deep calm and relaxation to the client. It is totally safe and can be used on anyone, combining well with other healing systems, alternative or allopathic.

What is Energy Psychology?

Energy Psychology is a modality of healing that combines the Exposure Technique of

Western talking therapy (i.e., exposing a problem), with the stimulation of the body’s

energy systems such as the meridians, acupoints, chakras and heart. These systems have

been used of old, by many ancient cultures, to access the body’s natural healing ability. 

Energy Psychologists may use one or more of these systems to support their work. This developed from research by various Western scientists, who discovered that by combining these ancient systems of healing with contemporary psychological methods, they could

create a potent and fast way to alleviate or cure emotional and physical problems.

For my work in this field, Claire focuses mainly on the Heart system, offering techniques

to keep it in a state of healthy coherence. This is a powerful system to work with, not only because of its potential to heal our physiology, but also because of its ability to carry and receive information on an emotional level too. This makes it an ideal psychological tool to

help on an emotional level.